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Recipe book in German. Start the day with a glass of natural juice made from your favorite fruits and vegetables to meet your daily nutritional needs.

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Hands - Free Auto 10 slow juicer

The AUTO10 can accommodate fruits and vegetables uncut and whole, reducing the time for preparing and handling ingredients. It is possible to put all the ingredients in the container and operate it, eliminating the need to put the ingredients one after the other.
Kuving's Hands free slow juicer


10 year warranty on the engine

Here you will find the warranty conditions for this product

3,000ml Auto Hopper

With the Auto Hopper with the world's largest capacity of 3,000ml, it is possible to extract a large amount of juice at once. By using the automatic cutting technology, which also chops hard ingredients excellently, there is no need for cumbersome handling and the continuous filling of ingredients.

Good design, good choice

The Red Dot is the award for high design quality.

Only products that have an outstanding design were awarded the coveted seal of quality by the international jury in the “Kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories” category in 2022.


With the automatic "Mega Hopper" container with the world's largest capacity of 3000ml, you can pickle large vegetables and fruits uncut and whole without having to trim them, saving valuable preparation time.

Special reduction gear and powerful motor

By using a powerful motor, it is possible to juice fresh ingredients over a longer period of time. It offers excellent durability and is even quieter during use.

Automatic cutting mechanism

The upper double chopping blade is designed to automatically cut the whole pickled ingredients and quickly convey the cut ingredients to the juicing part for pressing.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the KuvingsAUTO10 Slow Juicer is child's play thanks to the innovative clipper brush included with the product. This newly designed cleaning tool is specifically designed to simplify the cleaning process for both the inside and outside of the strainer.

With its unique, scissor-like shape and robust bristles, the brush effortlessly removes residue and pulp, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal performance.


Smart cap with improved design that makes it easier to open and close. You can use the Smart Cap to prevent leaks, mix the juices in the press container and rinse the AUTO10 before cleaning.

The improved Smart Cap is square, leak-proof and provides a better grip when dispensing juice.



Strengthen your comfort.

juice filter

Sherbet filter

Smoothie filter


Cleaning is child's play with Kuving's patented round brush.


Due to the integrated low-noise construction with a decelerating special motor, the product generates less noise and vibration.

Easy grip container

Our newly designed juice and pulp containers are square and easily nest together for easy storage.

BPA free

The BPA-free container is made from Ecozen, a material also used for baby bottles. For reliable and safe use.


Received durable safety certifications from FDA, EFSA, UL and JHOSPA.

Because of its innocuousness and harmlessness to the human body, it is also used for medical equipment such as surgical equipment, respiratory equipment, and dental equipment.


What about the juiced pulp?

The juice contains soluble fiber, the pulp contains insoluble fiber. Both types have different health benefits. You don't have to throw away the juiced pulp, also known as "pomace" - there are many ways to use it in cooking and baking recipes.

AUTO10 and REVO830 What are the differences?

Both are slow juicers that can make juice, nut milk, sorbet and smoothies. However, the REVO830 is also equipped with a second Auto-Cut feed opening for chopping elongated vegetables such as carrots and celery.

The AUTO10 has an extra large 3000ml capacity container that you can fill up in one go.

Why are they called “slow juicers”?

The REVO830 is called a slow juicer because it presses the ingredients "slowly" and "cold" at only 50 to 60 revolutions per minute. This process hardly generates any heat and heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes can be preserved. The juice is extracted within seconds.

Model Hands-Free AUTO10
Color Matt White, Matt Black, Light Silver, Matt Dark Red,
Feeder 3 liter hopper for whole fruits and vegetables
Dimensions 210x253x472mm
Weight 7.2kg
Cleaning Easy to clean, patented cleaning brush included for easy rinsing under running water.
Juicer Bowl(Top Set) BPA free
Size of Juicer Bowl 500ml
Size of Jug ---
Wattage 200W
Speed 50RPM
Usage 40 minutes of continuous use.

Kuving's REVO830 vs AUTO10


1. Double filling opening

▶ Special filling opening for carrots and celery

Ideal for elongated fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers etc.

▶ 90 mm large filling opening

90 mm large filling opening into which whole apples can be inserted.

3. Automatic cutting function

Integration of NEW intelligent cutting technology that automatically processes ingredients at optimal speed.

4. Slow cold press technology

Slow cold press technology with 50 revolutions per minute to minimize the destruction of nutrients.

5. 240W high performance induction motor

Equipped with a powerful 240W motor with low noise and vibration levels.

6. Double safety device

Equipped with a double safety device that only works when the filler opening and press container are properly attached to the engine base.

7. Two-stage fastening method with user convenience in mind.

After attaching the top set, it can be mounted on the motor base.

8. Improved rotating cleaning brush

NEW hygienic rotating cleaning brush for thorough cleaning.

9. Additional options for ice cream filters and smoothie filters

Ice filters and smoothie filters for various recipes.


1. The world's largest hands-free auto hopper with a capacity of 3000ml

3000ml container, optimized for large capacity juice

Equipped with a filling chute that allows ingredients to be added during operation

Safety device to prevent opening for safe use

2. Multifunctional blade

The multi-function blade attached to the container cuts the ingredients into the best possible fit size.

3. 240W high performance induction motor

Equipped with a powerful 240W motor with low noise and vibration levels.

4. Triple safety device

Equipped with a triple safety device that only works when the feed chute, container and drum set are properly secured.

5. Additional options for ice cream filters and smoothie filters

Ice filters and smoothie filters for various recipes.

6. Separate pulp outlet

Removable pulp outlet that is completely open and optimized for cleaning and hygiene.

7. Juice filter with improved cleaning power

Juice filter with NEW clean pattern technology to minimize fiber blockage.

8. Improved rotating cleaning brush

NEW hygienic rotating cleaning brush for thorough cleaning.

9. Detachable cable

Detachable cable for neat storage.