Green smoothie bowl

Grüne Smoothie Bowl

Green smoothie bowl

In this genius recipe for a creamy green smoothie bowl, a secret blend of ingredients I love to use gives the bowl its incredible creaminess. My absolute favorite that you should definitely try!

For 2 servings:
100g baby spinach leaves
1 banana
75g frozen mango
1 small avocado
150g soy yoghurt
150ml water (depending on desired consistency)

1. Put everything in a high-performance blender and puree finely. If necessary, check the consistency and add water if necessary.
2. Pour into bowls and add toppings. eg
A handful of raspberries
hemp seeds
mint leaves
coconut chips

Comment from @plantpower.nutrition :
"Of course, a good blender helps enormously to create the perfect consistency. I get to work here with the professional CB1000 from @kuvingsgermany - the first commercial automatic vacuum blender in the world. The special vacuum technology ensures a higher nutrient content and less oxidation during the blending process. The soundproofing opens and closes automatically and I really feel like I'm in a professional smoothie bar with it"

Video and recipe @plantpower.nutrition

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