Easy cleaning

How to clean your Kuvings REVO830 juicer


Did you squeeze your juice? Now it's time for cleaning!

We all love the juices our juicers make, but many of us find cleaning our juicers difficult or tedious. Today we are going to tell you how to clean your Kuvings juicer with ease!

Step 1

Cleaning the feeding chute:
First, make sure that the Smart Cap is closed. Hold the press container with one hand and use the other hand to turn the handle in the opposite direction to release the feed tube from the press container.
Under running water, release the lid by pressing the clip on the handle to lift it up. Rinse it under running water. Then rinse the feed tube inside and out to remove any juice and pulp residue.

step 2

Rotation wiper and juice filter:
Remove the wiper, juice filter and auger from the center of the juicing container.Push the auger out of the juice filter from the bottom and rinse under running water, using the cleaning brush to remove any pulp from the edge.Screw the rotary wiper off the juice filter and rinse under running water.

step 3

Cleaning the juice filter:
Take your green filter cleaner and insert the juice filter.
Under running water, move the handle back and forth over the juice filter until it is clean.
Remove the green filter cleaner and use the cleaning brush to remove any residue.

step 4

Cleaning the drum:
Wash the press container under running water, you can also use detergent if you want. Unscrew the pulp outlet and clean the bottom of the press container with your brush to remove any pulp. Remove the gasket and rinse thoroughly before putting everything back together.


There is a black silicone gasket in the pulp outlet that can be removed for cleaning. After rinsing, make sure it is correctly in place before reattaching the outlet to the press container.