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If you are looking for one
cold press juicer that can do just about anything you could ever want, look no further. Kuving's Whole Slow Juicer is your best solution.

The juice from the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer had the richest and most velvety flavor we tasted throughout our taste testing. If you are looking for a juicer that can do it all, this is the only one.


You save quite a bit of time because you don't necessarily have to chop all the ingredients and overall its performance is better and more efficient compared to other products.

This juicer squeezed the most luxurious juices with the brightest flavors compared to any other juicer we tried. The Kuvings juicer's feed opening has two different sized openings and the large option makes it easier to throw in whole pieces of fruit and vegetables, such as whole apples.

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Creates excellent fruit and vegetable juice and can handle any ingredient effortlessly! Incredibly easy to clean and no silicone seals to remove. Special cleaning accessories are included.

Extremely effective and easy to use. It has a slim profile and can be quickly assembled using a "red dot-locking system".

It is the fastest "slow" juicer on the market that delivers juices with excellent nutritional values.
Leafy greens may need to be chopped up before use, but the results are worth the extra effort.

Best cold press juicer for juice quality. It has a wide two-way feed opening that makes preparation quick and easy. It also has a 10-year guarantee and comes with cleaning accessories to make cleaning easier.

The extra large feed opening also processes almost all products like a pro - long sticks of celery, wide apples, a whole lot of pineapples at once.

A juicer that can do it all - juice, sherbet and hummus - my goodness! With this all-purpose multi-juicer you can prepare all sorts of other delicious foods in addition to your drink.

The Kuvings B6000 Whole Slows Juicer gets more of the good stuff out of whole fruits and vegetables by chopping them up
and presses.

We tested popular juicer brands, suitable for all budgets and needs, to find the best. The Kuvings EVO820 juicer was a powerful machine that we rated as the "best masticating juicer".