past 45 years and looking forward to another 100 years with Kuvings

Kuvings is a leading kitchenware brand, trusted by health-conscious people in over 90 countries.

Our goal is to create the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient and delicious.


Your partner for juicers and blenders.


Kuvings = kitchen + well being, living

Kuvings is a combination of the German word "Kitchen" and the English word "living".

As a global brand, the Kuvings name represents quality and trust. We are constantly striving to improve kitchen life with better, more functional and innovative products.

To the past 45 years and to another 100 years with Kuvings

To mark its 45th anniversary, Kuvings, a leading kitchen appliance brand, has unveiled a new slogan and emblem.

The diagonal and straight elements combined with the number 4 symbolize the upward trend and endless progress of Kuvings.
The diagonal represents the rise of the brand, while the straight line represents a leap forward and the hopeful spirit of moving into a new future.

The slogan "Kuvings' past 45 years, embracing the next 100 years" expresses gratitude to the customers who have supported Kuvings so far and underlines the company's commitment to continue to grow together with its customers.

A Kuvings representative stated: "We are unveiling the commemorative slogan and emblem to celebrate our 45th anniversary. Based on the emblem, which embodies the future and aspirations of Kuvings, we will strive to be a company that stands together with continues to grow for its customers."



Kuvings holds numerous international patents and registrations for design and innovation.

With more than 45 years of experience and technological development, we have now applied for more than 1,300 patents and registered them in over 90 countries.

Kuvings has won international design awards

We have won the trust of the public through awards such as the 'iF Design Award', 'Red Design Award', 'Spark Design Award' and 'Kitchen Innovation Award' etc.

Kuvings wins the “Kitchen Innovation Award 2022” for product innovation in the Small Kitchen Appliances category

All three products submitted by Kuvings have won the prestigious German “Kitchen Innovation Award”. (from left: Inno300, REVO830, CB1000)

Kuving's products are characterized above all by their unique innovative technology, functionality, design and ergonomics.


Our latest innovation is equipped with a stronger and more powerful motor that can also process larger quantities of juice.

-Made in Korea-


Our goal is to improve the quality of life through meaningful innovations.

Kuvings is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances such as juicers, blenders, extractors and other innovative technologies.


Taste of Home 'The Best Masticating Juicers', USA - AUTO10

Good Housekeeping ‘7 Best Juicer of 2024’, USA - REVO830


02 Kitchen Innovation Award 2023- Winner with the product "Kuvings Hands-free Slow Juicer AUTO 10"


02 Kitchen Innovation Award "Best of the Best" (Germany) - Winner: Auto stand mixer CB1000 for the catering industry, awarded: REVO830 Premium Whole Slow Juicer, Premium horizontal juicer INNO 300

05 The Kuvings Commercial Auto Blender Chef CB1000 received the Kitchen Innovation 2022 Award at the US NRA Show (National Restaurant Association).


02 BBC Good food Magazine "Best Juicers of 2022 (UK) - Whole Slow Juicer EVO820 selected

05 GQ Magazine "Best Juicers in 2021" (UK) - Whole Slow Juicer EVO820


02 " Kitchen Innovation Award" - Winner in Germany for our juicer MOTIV1
02 "Best Juicer Award" - Winner of BBC Magazine in the UK for our juicer EVO820


07 Housewares Awards - Finalist in UK for our juicer EVO820
03 " Red Dot Award" - Winner in Germany for our juicer MOTIV1


11 "SME Intellectual Property Managers' Association – Minister of Industry and Commerce2018 FIHAV (Cuban) Best Design Award" - Grand Prize for our professional/commercial juicer CS60

05 "Star Enterprise 100" - Award (Daegu Metropolitan City)"

04 "Red Dot Award" - award for our Blender V850 (SV-500)

02 "iF Design Award" - award for our Blender V850 (SV-500)


05 "IDEA (USA) Finalist" Nominee May 2017 - Commercial Juicer (CS600), Vacuum Blender (SV-500)

03 "Red Dot AWARD" - EVO820 award

03 "Achievement Award as Excellent CEO", Korean Hidden Champion Received

02 "Kitchen Innovation" - Winner (Ambiente Messe, Germany)

01 "iF Design Award" - distinction


12 "Spark Awards (USA)" Finalist Selection - Kuvings

12 "Excellent Design(GD)" selected - Whole Slow Juicer

6 "ETtimes Award" - Star Brand Excellence Award

4 "KISTI Award" - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information


12 Discovery of the Year (product) award in an official Polish product competition, LAUR-ENDCONSUMER winner
(1st) in Denmark in the field of professional juice extractors (TEST VINDER)
Awarded Best (1st) Juicer by Australian consumer magazine CHOICE
Seoul International Invention Fair SEMI-GRAND PRIZE SILVER PRIZE Kuvings Juicer
Seoul International Invention Fair GOLD PRIZE Juicer

09 Selected EXCELLENT in Consumer Reports, the largest consumer magazine in the United States


10 Establishment of a European office - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

06 Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition, USA Gold Award, Special Prize - Kuvings Juicer.
04 Geneva International Invention Competition Gold Award for new technology and new products - Kuvings


11 Founding of the USA subsidiary


07 Established NUC Electronics Co., Ltd., South Korea


Kuving's Germany
(NUC Electronics Europe GmbH)
Schwalbacher Strasse 76,
D-65760 Eschborn

Telephone : +49(0)6196 950 2397
Email: info@kuvings.de
Internet: www.kuvings.de