[ Dealerscope ] Kuvings impresses with the new juicer, the REVO830

[ Dealerscope ] Kuvings beeindruckt mit dem neuen Entsafter, dem REVO830

Kuvings presents its innovative household appliances at the IFA 2022 in Berlin (from 09/01/2022 to 09/06/2022)

Kuvings impresses with the new juicer REVO830.

Kuvings regularly presents its innovative household appliances at global trade fairs and is therefore of course also represented at the IFA 2022 in Berlin. The EVO 820 juicer, which can juice fruit whole without having to cut it first, has won several international awards for best juicer and has become a Kuvings trademark. In 2022, Kuvings' new model, the REVO 830, offers an improved convenience that goes a step further compared to the existing products, making adding ingredients and preparing premium juice enormously easier.

Kuvings innovates with a new filling hole

The advantage of this Kuvings juicer is that the ingredients can be juiced whole without having to cut them first.

The new model of the REVO830 has two types of innovative filling openings. There is an 87.9mm flap gate for whole fruit and a 43mm automatic slicer for leafy greens such as carrots. This is a unique filler opening from Kuvings, which the company says has never existed before. With these two feed holes, the user can quickly pour in the right ingredient and juice it up in no time.

Intelligent cutting technology

The mechanism of the REVO 830 juicer was newly developed by Kuvings. The upper part of the auger has an intelligent cutting technology that automatically and precisely cuts long leafy vegetables. The new commercial Juicing Auger (Augur) has a self-tapping top, so when the user puts carrots, celery and cucumbers into the feed hole, the juicing auger shreds the ingredients prior to squeezing.

Juicing fruits and vegetables without having to cut the ingredients first means fresher juice can be produced by minimizing the oxidation and browning that occurs when ingredients come into contact with air. The juicing technology that only requires the user to add the ingredients improves not only the quality of the juice but also the convenience for the user.

The redesigned, easy-grip Smart Cap makes it easy for users to mix juice in the bowl, stops dripping and you can even close the cap and pre-rinse with water before cleaning.

The juicer containers are also easy to use and even easier to store. They have been redesigned, are square and fit snugly inside each other for easy storage. There's also a wider pulp outlet that offers maximum pulp ejection, making cleaning easier and ensuring juice and pulp flow out effortlessly.

Improved motor life and powerful juicing performance

The motor is the most important part of the juicer in terms of juicing performance. Kuvings explains that the REVO 830 is equipped with a motor that is more powerful than other products to achieve better juicing performance. The durable motor guarantees a long service life, and thanks to its quiet operation, users can juice comfortably day or night.

The REVO830 receives awards and praise for its innovative design.

The REVO830 was already awarded in 2022. The device was awarded the German Kitchen Innovation Prize in the small electrical appliances category. The juicer was awarded for outstanding achievements in the four areas of functionality, design, various product advantages and ergonomic design. Kuvings has stated that this has strengthened its position as a global brand.

Looking for the next big innovation.

Every year, Kuvings introduces innovative products to create a new health culture. The company also invests heavily in research and development, primarily in the development of its own technology. We look forward to the future of Kuvings, which innovates through the development of outstanding technologies and aims to gain a foothold in the global market.

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