Simply use pomace from juicing

How can I process the pomace after juicing?

This question is asked by everyone, whether a beginner or a professional. For inspiration, we've compiled the best pomace recipes on the internet into a handy list.

The juice contains soluble fiber, which, among other things, lowers cholesterol levels and regulates blood sugar. However, the pomace contains the insoluble fiber that gives the stool volume. If you don't want to throw away the fruit and vegetable leftovers (keyword: zero-waste), you can put them in the freezer until you're ready to try one of the recipes listed here.

There are countless ways to use pomace. Share your ideas and recipes with us and our Kuvings community on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to your creative inspiration!

1. Muffins and breads

The pomace is most commonly used in muffin and bread baking. Bread with fruit and vegetable pomace makes for a healthy and convenient on-the-go snack or breakfast when you need to rush in the morning.

Plus, pomace muffins are perfect for little kids, especially if you need to hide the veggies! Carrots or fruit pomace work best, but any type of pomace you have available will do.

Pomace Muffin Recipes

Pomace Muffin Recipe - Tasty (fruit and vegetable pomace) Carrot Apple Muffin Recipe - Nugget Market (carrot and apple pomace) Juice Pomace Muffins - Greedy Gourmet (fruit and vegetable pomace) Pineapple Carrot Pie Muffins - Running to the Kitchen (pineapple and carrot pomace) Healthy Juice Pomace Muffins - Love to be in the Kitchen (Carrot, Pineapple and Orange Pomace) Cranberry Orange Pomace Muffins - Wild Vegan Flower (Orange Pomace)

Pomace bread recipes

Lightning Fast Pomace Bread Recipe - Food Network (fruit and vegetable pomace) Spicy Pomace Carrot Pecan Bread - Cooking with Books (carrot pomace) Almond Pomace Whole Wheat Banana Bread - Pamela Salzman (almond pomace)

Photo and recipe from instagram

2. Sweets and desserts

3. Crackers and dips

It's Saturday night and watching Netflix makes you crave something crunchy and crunchy. As a healthier alternative to store-bought chips and crackers, you can use any vegetable pomace to make your own healthy crackers. If you don't know what to do primarily with vegetable pomace or green juice pomace, these recipes are perfect options for you.

Pomace cracker recipes

Green Juice Pomace Crackers - Clean Eating Kitchen (green leafy vegetable pomace) Easy Almond Pomace Crackers (vegan, paleo) - Detoxinista (almond pomace) Carrot Juice Pomace Crackers - Jerry James Stone (carrot pomace) Turmeric Juice Pomace Crackers - Reclaiming Yesterday (carrot and vegetable pomace)

Pomace Dip Recipes

Pomace Hummus - Edible Experiments (beetroot or other vegetable pomace) Almond Pomace Hummus (plain) - Eating by Elaine (almond pomace) Cucumber Pomace Tzatziki - Jamie Geller (cucumber pomace) Green Juice Pomace Guacamole - Pumps and Iron (green leafy pomace)

4. Veggie “meat” and hash browns

The juice pomace from the morning is conjured up for today's dinner! With burgers and patties made from vegetable pomace, you can prepare practical vegan and vegetarian dishes. Crispy vegetable rostis are particularly suitable for wraps, on rice dishes and as a salad topping.

Veggie "Meat" Recipes

Veggie Burgers - Farm Fresh to You Pomace (carrot, beet, celery, and kale pomace) Veggie Burgers - The feedfeed (carrot, beet, kale, and chard pomace) Vegetable Juice Pomace "Meatballs" - Food Network (celery, kale and carrot pomace) Vegan juice pomace "Meatballs" (patties) in a spicy tomato sauce - Crowded Kitchen (carrot and beetroot pomace)

Pomace Rosti Recipes

Vegetable pomace Röstis with peanut sauce – Le Petit Eats (vegetable pomace) Vegetable pomace Röstis – Glow Kitchen (kale, carrot and chard pomace)

Photo and recipe from instagram

5. Latches and Bites

Whether child or adult. Everyone loves these nut pomace snacks, which are perfect for quenching afternoon cravings.

Pomace bar and bites recipes

Nut pomace energy bar – Kuvings Germany (nut pomace) Vegane Brownie Bites – Minimalist Baker (almond pomace) Almond pomace chocolate bar – The Vegan 8 (almond pomace) No-Bake Almond pomace energy bites (vegan) – Vibrant Plate (almond pomace)

Photo and recipe from instagram

6. Soups and sauces

7. Pancakes and waffles

Waking up to a glass of freshly squeezed juice and freshly made warm pancakes or waffles (or both!) would be a dream. Again, this is a kid-friendly option for using juice pomace.

Pomace pancake and waffle recipes

Kris' Carrot Waffles - Fork and Beans (carrot pomace) Whole Wheat Almond Pomace Pancakes - Pamela Salzman (almond pomace) Fluffy Pomace Pancakes - Juice and Pulp (fruit pomace)

Photo and recipe from instagram

8. Dog food

Kale, celery, carrot, apple, almond, and beetroot pulp can also be made into dog food:

Homemade dog food made from pomace

9. Compost

The easiest way to use up your pomace would be to use it as compost. Your plants will be happy!

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