[ Hospitality Magazine ] Add healthy recipes to your menu with a Kuvings blender.

[ Hospitality Magazin ] Fügen Sie Ihrer Speisekarte, gesunde Rezepte mit einem Kuvings-Blender hinzu.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are an attractive, healthy menu for your customers. With the increasing focus on lighter and healthier eating, adding smoothies and smoothie bowls to your menu can help your cafe, restaurant or pop-up food truck appeal to a wide range of customers. 

At Kuvings, we provide commercial cold pressing and blending/mixing solutions and are passionate about helping you create healthy plant-based options to attract more customers and grow your business. 

Commercial blenders

Gone are the days when a commercial blender was just an extra burden. Today they are workhorses that deliver amazing results. From chopping and grinding to pureeing and making smoothies. Commercial blenders add variety and are a useful and profitable tool to have at your team's disposal.

Why Kuvings?

Taking the CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender as an example, there is so much to love about this machine! 

A world first, it features a one-button automatic blending cycle that allows you to prepare the most common or complex recipes with a simple touch of a button. 

It features a soundproof hood that opens and closes automatically, drastically reducing noise when blending.

Five pre-programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings to make any order quick.

Super-fast vacuum technology that extracts air from the jar before blending so drinks last longer, taste fresher, and have less foam and buildup.

Fully customizable so you can set your own preferences and control the way you mix.

Backed by the Kuvings Guarantee, with full support and training from our experienced store managers.

Reach more customers

Smoothies are very profitable and easy to prepare. The most popular smoothie often consists of fruit (frozen berries, banana, pineapple or mango), but the green smoothie is also popular with health-conscious consumers and should not be missing from any good menu. 

The CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender prepares a smoothie in less than 20 seconds with just the push of a button!

Another lucrative item to have on your menu is a smoothie bowl. Often made with frozen acai, mango, coconut or banana as the base and then beautifully topped with fresh fruit and edible flowers. 

The CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender makes a perfect acai bowl with just the push of a button. Yes that is correct. There is NO handwork required, nor does staff have to 'bang' the container to mix the ingredients - simply add the ingredients, place the container on the base, press a button, and in under 60 seconds you have your acai bowl base It doesn't get any easier or more profitable than this.

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