[ hospitalitymagazine ] It is fully automated - Vacuum Blender CB1000

[ hospitalitymagazine ] Er ist vollautomatisiert - Vakuum Blender CB1000

It's fully automated - Kuving's Commercial Vacuum Blender CB1000

The CB1000 Commercial Blender is the world's first fully automatic, high-performance blender. The new Kuvings Commercial Blender is super fast, just plug it in and go - it's completely self-contained. While your staff is serving your customers, our new appliance makes it easy to prepare quality mixes.

he shuffles He gives impulses. It pulls the air out and creates a vacuum.

Unlock the potential and test the latest Kuvings Commercial Blender. From smoothie bowls to dips, nut butters, smooth purees and soups, the CB1000 does all the hard work of preparing delicious meals for you. The Kuvings CB1000 has five pre-programmed "Pre-Set" buttons and 37 recipe settings that make every order quick and easy.

The powerful, adaptive 1700 watt motor, which recognizes the ingredients in the container, ensures optimal processing speed for all ingredients thanks to adaptive speed control. You can blend frozen fruit, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole fruits - it handles even the most difficult ingredients and delivers a velvety and vibrant blend every time.

Developed for perfection

The 1.4 liter jar's asymmetric bottom ensures food is evenly blended and shredded - the result is a much more even mix and perfect taste. You can prepare a fresh sauce, pancakes or soup in seconds, and if you have cocktails or mocktails on your menu, this appliance makes it easy to combine ingredients that can be stored under vacuum and naturally retain their bright colors, so that they can be served quickly and easily. 

The CB1000 is a high performance, fully automated blender that features a fully programmable blend cycle - you will fall in love with the simplicity and power of this device! 

Want to make the perfect sauce with less stirring and more mixing? No problem.

You want a smoothie without vacuum sealing? No problem.

You want to program the Quick Start button to prepare your favorite Acai Bowl in less than 1 minute - yes, that's possible too!

The isolated soundproof hood is operated with just one touch and ensures quiet operation in environments where noise is an important factor. 

Not only that, when the soundproof hood is closed, the blender jar is locked in place, saving you time and money on maintenance by not having to constantly replace drive couplers like inferior machines that suffer from constant wear and tear of the blender jar be damaged when mixing the ingredients! 

Easy cleaning is also taken care of! Even after the toughest blending, simply add water and a tiny drop of soap to the blender jar and start the self-cleaning cycle - cleaning has never been easier! 

Customers wanted a faster, stronger and quieter high-performance blender, and the CB1000 gave them that wish.

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