[ IFA Berlin ] Kuvings took part in the "IFA Berlin 2023".

Kuvings' Juicing Revolution: Beyond Extraction

In a world moving increasingly towards health and wellness, Kuvings is introducing two innovative juicers at this year's IFA that take juicing to a new level. The REVO830 and AUTO10 both represent a healthier and more efficient juicing experience and carry the Kuvings hallmark: health and innovation.

Kuvings, synonymous with health and innovation, proudly presents two unique juicers: the REVO830 and the AUTO10. These Korean-made products mean more than just extracting juice; they symbolize Kuvings' commitment to optimizing the entire juicing experience.

The REVO830 has already caused a stir since its launch a year ago, accounting for an impressive 70% of Kuvings' sales. It impresses with its double filling chute, which is suitable for both whole and long ingredients and is particularly effective when preparing vegetables such as carrots and celery. Smart auto-cutting technology adjusts the juicing speed based on each ingredient to ensure optimal juice texture every time. Gently pressing the ingredients using the slow mastication technique helps preserve nutrients and enhance flavor. To make cleaning easier, the REVO830 is equipped with a special brush. This juicer also has a special filter for making frozen ice cream and sorbets.

On the other hand, the AUTO10 is designed for comfort and efficiency. This juicer allows the user to pickle whole fruits and vegetables without any preparation other than washing them. Its main feature, the generous 3,000cc tank, is one of the largest on the market. Combined with Kuvings' special motor technology, it promises a seamless juicing experience. Manufactured in Kuvings' own factory in Korea, the engine underlines the brand's commitment to quality and performance. The AUTO10 is also equipped with a manual rewind function to ensure smooth operation.

REVO830 and AUTO10 are available in three elegant colors: black, white and red, with black being the most popular worldwide and continuing to make a splash. With growing interest in health and nutrition, Kuvings products are a clear sign of the future of the brand's juicing system and set new standards in innovation and quality.

Text by: IFA Berlin, NEWS (Monday, September 4th, 2023)

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