Kuving's WHOLE SLOW JUICER REVO830 wins the German Kitchen Innovation Award 2022

Kuvings WHOLE SLOW JUICER REVO830 gewinnt den deutschen Kitchen Innovation Award 2022
Kuving's REVO830 wins the German Kitchen Innovation Award 2022

Winner of the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 Kuvings REVO830: Excellent product - special mention in the criteria - functionality, innovation, product benefits

All three products submitted by Kuvings, a premium home appliance brand, received awards at the "Kitchen Innovation Awards", a prestigious German award.

Kuvings submitted new products such as the REVO 830 Premium Whole Slow Juicer, the CB1000 high-performance mixer for the catering industry and the premium horizontal juicer INNO 300 to this innovation award and managed the feat that all three products were awarded.

Kuvings' new product REVO 830 is a Premium Whole Slow Juicer equipped with an intelligent cutting function that can juice the ingredients without special chopping of fruits and vegetables, which emphasizes the ease of use and the quality of the product. The REVO 830 Slow Juicer was awarded for its outstanding performance in four categories: △ Functionality △ Design △ Various product advantages △ Ergonomic design.

In particular, the CB1000 blender was recognized as the most popular product in the commercial kitchen appliance segment. He was voted "Best of the Best" and received the Golden Award.

Kitchen Innovation assesses various areas such as functionality, innovation, design and ergonomics of products that are judged by consumers and a professional jury.

"Having all three products crowned with such prestigious awards was an opportunity for us to be recognized as a world-class kitchenware brand," said Kuvings. "We will continue to strive to become a recognized brand in the global marketplace and continue to develop our products, which are made for the convenience of our consumers."