Kuvings takes part in Biofach 2022 in Germany

Kuvings nimmt an der Biofach 2022 in Deutschland teil

Kuvings attends Biofach 2022 in Germany / New product launch REVO 830

Improved juicing performance and comfort with two innovative inlets.

Kuvings takes part in Biofach 2022, which takes place on 26.07. taking place at the Nuremberg BioFach Exhibition at the Expo Center in Germany and introducing a new product the REVO830 Whole Slow Juicer. BioFach is the world's largest trade fair for organic food and agriculture. It takes place every year in February in Nuremberg, Germany.

The REVO830 presented by Kuvings at this show is equipped with an 88mm wide inlet and another 43mm wide inlet with automatic cutting system. Whole fruits like apples, oranges and lemons can be fed into the 88mm wide inlet and vegetables like carrots and celery can be easily fed in the 43mm wide inlet without having to cut them first.

The newly developed inlet connection and the juicing function of the Revo830 is superior to that of previous Kuvings models. Even if fruits and vegetables are put in without cutting, they will be cut automatically by the top of the juice screw. The power of the Revo830 allows consumers to easily manage ingredients and significantly reduce juicing time.

Engine performance, durability and comfort have also been improved by reflecting customer needs. Kuvings reflected the customer's need for a juicer that could juice even tough materials with ease with its stronger cutting ability.

Also , the biggest advantage of the Kuvings juicers is the wide inlet for a continuous feed of REVO 830 .

The motors also feature strong power compared to traditional products, and are quieter and more durable.

The motor also has stronger power than existing products, is quieter and has improved durability.

According to a reliable Kuvings source, "The benefits of Kuvings are a significant reduction in preparation times and minimization of nutrient destruction from slow pressing." Therefore, the REVO830 will provide customers with a more comfortable and satisfying build and juicing experience.

In addition to various new products, Kuvings will also be presenting the professional Auto Vacuum Mixer Chef CB1000 with the world's first automatic opening and closing function. The vacuum minimizes oxidation, browning, lamination, delamination and nutrient destruction. Kuvings offers an experience where you can experience and taste technology and premium juices and smoothies can be made at the fair.