Kuvings takes part in the "Internorga 2022 in Hamburg".

Kuvings nimmt an der "Internorga 2022 in Hamburg" teil

Kuvings takes part in the "Internorga 2022 in Hamburg".

Kuvings plans to launch its new Commercial Auto Blender Chef (auto vacuum blender for the hospitality industry) at the annual Internorga, this year taking place from April 30th to May 4th in Hamburg. Internorga, an international trade fair for hotels, restaurants, bakeries and confectionery based in Germany, has a 100-year tradition and is therefore one of the largest and most important industry meetings of the year.

With the Kuvings Auto Vacuum Blender for the catering industry, juices and smoothies can be made effortlessly using the vacuum. Thanks to the noise protection cover with automatic opening and closing function, the blender also has excellent ease of use. A recipe program designed for gastronomy or a café is also integrated, which in turn underlines the high functionality of the juicer.

Kuvings will also offer juicing demonstrations with its commercial juicers: Whole Slow Juicer Chef (CS600) and Whole Slow Juicer Master Chef (CS700), as well as individual advice and benefits to cafe owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ms. Kim, the German managing director, said: "We want to offer various benefits to those who are preparing to start a cafe, even in the midst of the pandemic," adding: "If you visit the Kuvings booth, you can not only our commercial juicers, but also our upcoming commercial auto blenders. We look forward to seeing you and hope you don't miss the last chance to pre-order the new auto vacuum blender."