[ 2023 LAUR KONSUMENTA ] Kuvings is valued by consumers

[ 2023 LAUR KONSUMENTA ] Kuvings wird von Verbrauchern geschätzt

Kuvings is valued by customers, the Kuvings kitchen appliance brand is attracting more and more attention with its consumer-oriented company management.

Every year since 2016, Kuvings Poland has been awarded the "Laur Verbraucherta", one of the most prestigious consumer certifications in Poland. The consumer certification has been evaluating the popularity of products and services for 17 years.

This award, which selects the most popular products and services based on surveys of Polish consumers, is crucial for determining brand awareness in the Polish market.

In South Korea, where Kuvings is headquartered, the company has received Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certification from the government for seven consecutive years since 2010.

Based on the Consumer Framework Law, Korea's CCM system evaluates whether a company's management activities are consumer-centric and continuously improving. The CCM values ​​understanding and meeting consumer needs and preferences while improving products and services.

In addition, Kuvings' new product, the REVO830, has been awarded "Best Juicer" by several media outlets. Britain's Ideal Home magazine gave it five stars and The Telegraph newspaper gave it a 10 out of 10 overall rating, calling it "Best Buy".

UK Juicer published an in-depth review article praising the Kuvings REVO830 for its outstanding performance and value.

Kuvings works with international brand ambassadors, constantly seeking feedback on product performance and listening to consumer needs.

Text from: https://kuvings.com/kuvings-being-recognized-by-consumers/

Photo from: instagram.com/larigeibfood/