[ Les Numériques ]Kuvings strives for perfection with its new juicer, the REVO830

Kuvings, the specialist in juices of all kinds, is expanding its catalog with a new product, the REVO 830. The device has all the features of a high-quality juicer, including Max Filter technology, which significantly reduces the amount of fiber in the juice.

The summer has brought a bountiful harvest with lots of fruits and vegetables and Kuvings is taking the opportunity to launch a new juicer. The EVO820GM model has already been tested by the editors and praised by our experts. Now it's time to put the REVO 830 in the spotlight.

This top of the range device seems to think of everything to deliver quality juices. First of all, the Max Filter technology, which can already be found in the previous model, the Kuvings EVO 820, ensures that the amount of pulp in the drink is reduced. The combination of a juice screw and a tightly sealed filter at the bottom prevents residue from getting into the juice.

The juice screw of the REVO 830 has been redesigned. To make chopping food easier, it now has a smart self-cutting system. This means that the fruit and vegetables are gradually cut into pieces as they enter the press system before being crushed by the 48 rpm auger. Incidentally, we also experienced a similar configuration when testing the KitchenAid 5KSM1JA, which is the only one with a blade on top of the auger to cut up the food beforehand.

Kuvings also makes food insertion easier with a dual feed port, should we say triple? Because the 43 mm narrow filling opening of the device allows you to insert thin foods, while you can use the 87.9 mm wide filling opening at the same time. The 87.9mm wide main feed opening consists of a flap that can accommodate both whole fruit such as an apple and finer chopped food. It is therefore possible to introduce fruit and vegetables through two different entrances.

Like its predecessors, the REVO 830 is also equipped with a drip-stop system that prevents the work surface from getting dirty. The manufacturer also makes machine maintenance and cleaning easier by including three cleaning brushes, including a circular wheel brush that slides around the filter. The user only has to turn this round brush to loosen the residue stuck in the sieve.

The REVO830 has everything your heart desires, but its price tag of almost €650 will put many people off.

Text by: [ Les Numériques ]


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