Allergy Defense Juice

Allergie-Abwehr Saft

Discover the allergy defense juice!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, we have just the thing for you! This juice recipe with the Kuvings Slow Juicer AUTO10 contains anti-inflammatory and antihistamine ingredients that have been shown to relieve symptoms such as runny noses and itchy eyes. Additionally, it contains black seed oil, known for its essential oils and anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthens the immune system.

Why should you try this juice?
- Rich in natural antihistamines
- Soothes allergy-related symptoms
- Strengthens the immune system with black cumin oil

- 2 apples
- 1 pineapple
- 2 carrots
- 1 beetroot
- A small piece of ginger
- 2 tbsp black cumin oil

Simply put everything through the Kuvings AUTO10 juicer.