Strawberry Carrot Juice


Strawberry Carrot Juice

Slow Juicer can be used to process carrots and strawberries into a delicious juice. Slow juice extraction preserves the nutrients and flavors of the ingredients, delivering a fresh and healthy treat. Try it and experience the full taste of carrot and strawberry juice!


-5 carrots
-3 bowls of fresh strawberries or 500g frozen strawberries, thawed
-Water to dilute (optional)
-fresh mint
-some sweetness (optional)

Juice carrots and strawberries. Pass the strawberry pomace through the juicer again.

A little tip from @veganwings_
collect the pomace separately! (In the next posts I'll show you what I've conjured up delicious from it)
Then put ice cubes and fresh mint in a glass and pour the fresh juice over it. So delicious!

Photo and recipe by @veganwings_