Breakfast juice


On Mondays we always start the day with a fresh juice for breakfast! Our favorite combination of oranges, apples and carrots brings color and joy to the start of the new week.

Did you know? Plant-based foods do not contain vitamin A directly, but only its precursor: beta carotene. You can find beta carotene particularly in orange, but also in red and green fruit and vegetables. Vitamin A is essential for our health - it promotes vision, strengthens the immune system and supports embryonic development.

Little tip: Improve the absorption of beta carotene by combining your juice with some linseed oil, as beta carotene is fat-soluble.

Ingredients for 3 glasses
- 4 oranges
- 4 apples
- 700 g carrots
- 2 tsp linseed oil

1. Peel the oranges, halve the apples and remove the stems, cut off the ends of the carrots and cut them into pieces.
2. First put the oranges, then the apples and finally the carrots into your juicer.
3. Finally, stir in the linseed oil.

Photo and recipe by @vegan.wohl.leben