Hot mulled wine

Hot mulled wine

Who wants a hot mulled wine?
Did you know that you can prepare delicious mulled wine with the help of Kuving's juicers? Just try this recipe!

1 liter red wine (semi-dry)
2 cinnamon sticks
10 cloves
2 star anise
3 oranges
60-70g brown sugar

1. Heat red wine with spices in a pot.
2. Juice two oranges and add them to the red wine.
3. Wash the remaining orange in hot water, dry and cut into thin slices.
Set aside 3-4 slices for garnish and add the rest to the pot.
4. Simmer all ingredients over low heat for about 10 minutes.
5. Add the brown sugar and enjoy!

Photo and recipe @larigeibfood

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