Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream


Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream!

Who wants a raspberry coconut ice cream?
How about a healthy snack today? This creation is a real treat for hot summer days. The fruity sweetness of the raspberries harmonises perfectly with the creamy coconut note.

A true taste experience!

With your Kuvings Slow Juicer, the preparation is super easy. Feel free to try it out.

Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream

200g frozen raspberries
250g solid part of coconut milk (from a can)
some organic lime zest
2 tbsp agave syrup
some vanilla (optional)

1. Allow the raspberries to thaw slightly. Meanwhile, place the sorbet attachment on the juicer.
2. Put the raspberries in the juicer with the solid part of the coconut milk.
3. Then refine the mass with agave syrup, vanilla and lime zest, then pour into the desired shape and freeze. Of course, you can also scoop the ice cream straight away or prepare a NiceBowl with fruit!

Photo and recipe @veganwings_