Autumn Vital Drink

Herbst Vital Drink

AUTUMN VITAL DRINK made from beetroot, orange, carrot and ginger - yummi!

Why actually fresh cold-pressed juices from a slow juicer?

- you can consume a large portion of vital substances in just one glass
- In a good slow juicer, the pressing is done so gently that the majority of the nutrients are retained (with the exception of fiber, which is consumed in sufficient quantities with a balanced diet anyway)
The absorption rate of vital substances is greater due to the removal of fiber
- you can incorporate healthy vegetables that you don't otherwise consume as much, such as celery, kale or beets
- Unlike store-bought juice, which is pasteurized to preserve it, fresh juice contains beneficial enzymes, more micronutrients and no additives
- I have been preparing fresh vegetable-based juices for years and simply love this revitalizing feeling. For me it is a good additional opportunity to integrate more fruit and vegetables into my everyday life in a wide variety.

Content from @ plantpower.nutrition

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