[ Berlin IFA ] Visit us here Hall 5.1 Stand No. 105

[ Berlin IFA ] Besuche uns hier Hall 5.1 Stand Nr. 105

IFA Berlin, 2 - 6 Sep. 2022

Visit us here Hall 5.1 Stand No. 105

Kuving's news release



Kuvings "goes the extra mile" when it comes to research and development for high-end juicing in 2022

With its independent technology and differentiated product competitiveness, Kuvings has laid a solid foundation and become a leading company in the field of healthy kitchen appliances.

The company believes that continuous improvement in research and product development has laid the foundation for further advances in manufacturing more sophisticated products.

Kuvings is making unremitting efforts to become a global leader trusted by customers around the world.

In particular, the "EVO820", Kuvings' flagship product, developed on the basis of many years of technology and experience, is a product that has received consistently positive reviews from its buyers.

The technique of juicing whole fruits and vegetables, how far will it go?

O-Shape Flip-Gate : A flap designed for convenience and functionality

Kuvings always shows amazing and unexpected technology. Compared to the previous model, the premium juicer EVO820 is equipped with a wider filling opening of 82 mm, so that large ingredients such as oranges, pomegranates or lemons can be filled in whole and juiced without having to cut them first, which simplifies handling for the user and reduces the preparation and juicing time enormous. Oxidation and browning that occurs when the fruit is pre-cut is minimized, allowing the nutrient-rich juice to be enjoyed for much longer.

Healthy taste of premium juice

The "slow-pressing process" produces a fresh premium juice that preserves flavor and nutrients, has a soft, fine texture and is also free of additives.

Easy cleaning

With a wider pulp outlet, the EVO820 makes cleaning easier for users and improves pulp output by minimizing the amount of pulp in the press container.

Excellent juice performance through guaranteed quality

In order to achieve excellent juicing performance, the EVO820 is equipped with an even more powerful motor, which also has improved durability, the design reduces noise and vibration, so that the EVO 820 can be used quietly regardless of the installation location.

The excellent product performance of the EVO820, Kuvings' flagship juicer, has already been proven. The EVO820 has been voted "Best Juicer of 2021" by international magazines such as Ideal Home, a UK interior design magazine, and the UK GQ magazine. 

Luxurious design

The EVO820 has also received a lot of recognition in the field of design and has been awarded world-class international design awards such as the "Red Dot Award" in Germany and the "US Spark Award". The EVO820 is characterized by its symmetry, stable structure and soft body line that give the device a simplistic look and feel.

Practical 3-in-1 multifunction

Most consumers prefer practical household appliances. The EVO820 offers sifting options to prepare everything from juice to smoothies to ice cream to meet consumer needs. As long as the user swaps out the optional strainer, he or she can easily make various desserts like juice, smoothies, and ice cream with a juicer.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, people's interest in healthy eating habits has increased, hence the demand for juicing machines is expected to increase further in the future. Kuvings is expected to grow into a company that wins numerous customers by increasing its share of the kitchen appliance market in the world market in the future through continuous R&D investment and strengthening of independent technologies.

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