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EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer by Kuvings

The Best Juicers 2021 - Get your five-am-day with these centrifugal and cold-press juicers

The Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer
The best juicer for those serious about juicing

Type: cold press
Reasons to buy: Superior quality
Reasons to avoid: An expensive option

Getting the most out of your fruit and veg isn't always easy, but this cold press juicer will solve all your yield problems. It's ideal for tackling the trickiest ingredients like leafy greens, making dairy-free drinks from nuts, baby food purees and sauces.

Screw on the separate citrus module to use the juicer as a reamer, juicing limes, lemons and oranges without peeling them first. The secret of success lies in the clever design. What sets it apart from many slow juicers is that it features an 82mm hopper that is fitted with a hinged gate instead of a fin to protect your fingers.

No fin means it can process the larger chunks of fruit and veg (including small whole apples) that most slow juicers can't - meaning less prep and less prep time for your morning juice.

Other useful features include the non-drip spout and the rotating cleaning brush for the filter, making cleaning super easy (even though it's not dishwasher safe).

In tests we found it performed well on hard fruits like apples as only dry pulp was expelled as pomace, while one piece of fruit produced a good 100ml of juice and the same with oranges - three fruits yielded 250ml. Pineapple was also processed efficiently, while the mango and ginger root became a bit more difficult and the pulp tended to wrap around the press roller.

It also made smooth almond milk — thinner than pre-made ones, but with the benefit of allowing the pomace to be used in recipes. The only thing to keep in mind is that the juicer is heavy, so it's best to have a permanent place in the kitchen. In addition, the juicer is in the higher price segment, making it a better choice for juice lovers than for those who only indulge in the occasional glass.

Rating of Ideal Home: 5 out of 5 stars