[ British GQ ] The best juicers

[ British GQ ] Die besten Entsafter

What is the best juicer to buy online?

We have found an excellent range of centrifugal and slow juicers online. A particular favorite is the Kuvings EVO juicer, which we highly regard for its wide flip-gate feed opening, excellent performance and impressive results.


What makes the Kuvings Evo 820 Slow Juicer so user-friendly is its large 82 mm wide filling opening with flip gate. You can put whole fruits like apples in the opening, which reduces the preparation effort and speeds up the juicing process. The body of the juicer looks and feels high quality. It is available in six different luxurious finishes to match your kitchen, including gunmetal. It also features a four-point locking system in the juicing drum for solid performance. The juicer processes both leafy greens like kale and spinach, as well as tougher ingredients like celery and pears, at a steady and effective pace. Averaging 70 decibels in operation, it's one of the quietest juicers compared to others we've tested. And when you get bored of simple juicing, you can use the additional attachments to prepare desserts, nut milks, salsas and more. The included recipe book is also very inspirational, and there's a handy cleaning brush too.

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