How to boost the immune system with the Kuvings juicer

Wie sich mit dem Kuvings-Entsafter das Immunsystem stärken lässt

Especially in autumn and winter, freshly squeezed juices are probably the best way to provide the body with the vitamins it needs every day. When choosing a juicer, consumers should take a close look in order not only to enjoy the device for a long time, but also to have as little work as possible with it. The globally successful Kuvings brand has launched a juicer that even crushes whole fruit.

With fresh juices through the cold season

Whole Slow Juicer EVO820

Smoothies, as juices are called today, have long since ceased to be just trendy drinks, but also important suppliers of vitamins for our daily needs. They are healthy, fresh and full of nutrients, but also delicious. Above all, everyone can put together a homemade fruit juice according to their needs - with their favorite fruit or with the fruit and vegetables that are available at the time. Especially now, in autumn and winter, the immune system needs support, so that the daily smoothie offers the necessary vitamin boost. Very easy.

But some juicers don't make it that easy. With some devices, the fruits first have to be reduced in size for a long time. This is not only annoying, but also costs time.