Ferment your own tasty treats at home with the cheese maker



Fermented foods are very digestible for the body because the food is already pre-digested by bacteria during fermentation. This sounds a bit unappetizing, but it's a real advantage because it gives raw ingredients a different taste and they also last longer. That is why fermentation has been going on for thousands of years, so that organic substances are converted into acids, gases or alcohol. Dairy products such as cheese or yoghurt are also among the foods that can be fermented. With a cheese maker, this is easily possible at home.

Control via automated one-touch menu

Natural microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi are used in fermentation. This process is quick and easy to do at home with the Kuvings Yoghurt & Cheese Maker. With this homemade preparation, delicious fermented dishes can be conjured up that provide a special treat. Control is via a convenient automated one-touch menu that is user-friendly and makes preparation a breeze. The time and the optimum temperature can be set perfectly on the menu in order to achieve the best possible result. The smart automated control system ensures fast and tasty fermentation.

Individual fermentation with the cheese maker

The Kuvings Yoghurt & Cheese Maker is made from eco-friendly materials that are BPA-free and Tritan. The automatic control system will turn itself off when fermentation is complete. But it is also possible for the user to set the fermentation time and temperature manually in order to achieve an individual fermentation depending on the taste and ingredients. Whey and vinegar liquid can be easily separated when preparing cheese, yoghurt and vinegar by using rotary drying. The large container offers up to two liters of space to ferment larger quantities of food. It is also very clean and safe to remove and is made from the same material that baby bottles are made from. The attachment is hygienic and very easy to handle.

Smart and modern design is convincing

The Kuvings yoghurt and cheese maker is also visually impressive, as it impresses with a smart and modern design and a neat colour. Thanks to its square shape, it can be placed efficiently in any corner of the kitchen. Incidentally, the name Kuvings is a combination of the words kitchen and living, so that the name also stands for trust and quality as a global brand. The manufacturer of kitchen appliances has many other helpers on offer. This includes a large selection of vacuum blenders and juicers. Kuvings' goal is to improve people's quality of life through innovative products.

The Kuvings company is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances and has more than 1,400 patents that have been developed over the course of more than 40 years.

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