Strengthen the immune system with a juice cleanse

Immunsystem stärken mit Saftkur

When it gets wet and cold outside, there are additional challenges for our bodies as well. In addition to warm clothes, you can arm yourself from the inside out. There are many ways to strengthen the immune system - it is anything but difficult with a juice cleanse.

Defenses put to the test

The temperatures are falling, the days are getting shorter, it's cold season. Right now, cold viruses can spread particularly well on doorknobs and other surfaces. Often they are also transmitted when shaking hands.

In order to do important preparatory work in terms of health during the cold season, you should first ensure that you drink enough fluids. About a liter and a half of water per day is recommended. Endurance sports such as jogging, swimming or cycling as well as a lot of sleep also have a positive effect on the functionality of the immune system.

In order to strengthen the body's defenses and to avoid flu-like effects and winter depression as best as possible, nutrition naturally also plays an important role.

Drink liquid and vitamins through delicious juices

When it comes to nutrition, it is advisable to make a balanced and healthy choice. In combination with the right mix of sleep and exercise, a lot has already been gained. But the daily requirement of vitamins should also be considered. Vitamins A, B, C and E in particular are essential components of a functioning immune system.

A sufficient supply of liquid and vitamins can be easily ensured by a juice cleanse.
Only raw fruit and vegetables in the form of juice are consumed for several days. The juice cleanse is considered a kind of detoxification for the body and is also intended to bring the energy stores and the immune system into shape.

If you want to make your own juices quickly and cheaply, you need a good juicer. Care should be taken to ensure that fruit and vegetables are processed with as little loss of vitamins as possible.

The Kuvings brand offers high-quality juicers for a healthy lifestyle. With the patented filling funnel, for example, whole apples can be put into the juicer without having to cut them up first. The juice thus remains rich in vitamins, enzymes and fibre.

Strengthen the immune system – with a juice cleanse

The EVO Signature from Kuvings impresses with a generous filling opening with a diameter of 82 millimeters. Added to this is the new O-shape flip gate, which makes simple juicing extra safe. The chic design with a leather feel makes the device an eye-catcher in every kitchen. Last but not least, the robust device is also very easy to clean after juicing.

Numerous awards prove that the designs of the brand are also visually convincing. There have already been the Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award and the Kitchen Innovation Award. Above all, the juicers are robust kitchen appliances that support you on the way to a successfully completed juice cure.

The company NUC Electronics, which was founded in 1978, attaches great importance to the harmony between technical innovation and the environment. That's why NUC Electronics works with the University of Keimyung in South Korea. The cooperation has already produced 1400 new techniques, which have also been patented. These include a 3D motor cooling system, a flip gate for safety at the hopper entrance and a two-stage safety system for the motor's function.