Kuving's "Kitchen Innovation Award 2023"

Kuvings „Kitchen Innovation Award 2023“
Which manufacturer, which brand is particularly consumer-oriented when it comes to juicers and high-performance mixers for the home and use in the catering trade? Which juicers and high-performance blenders do consumers consider to be particularly innovative and helpful?

Answers to these questions are provided by LifeCare.Network's globally recognized and annually presented consumer prize "Kitchen Innovation Award".

The award is based on a consumer-oriented selection process.

Above all, seven criteria are important when evaluating the juicers and high-performance mixers: ease of use/functionality, product benefits, innovation, design, material properties, ergonomics and ecology/sustainability. It is also these criteria that make a new product attractive to consumers – and it is best for consumers to judge this attractiveness themselves. The selection process for the award is therefore based on two pillars: On the one hand, a jury of experts from the fields of design, electronics, gastronomy, architecture and innovation evaluate the entries. On the other hand, the consumer is asked: the independent market research institute K&A BrandResearch conducts a nationwide representative survey of the nominated products among 1,500 consumers. With the award, LifeCare.Network provides buyers in retail and consumers with a simple, objective and transparent orientation that has established itself worldwide as an important and highly regarded aid in purchasing decisions.