[ Kuvings x Rübenretter ] Together for a better environment without food waste


At Kuvings we are proud to be committed to sustainability and to support the fight against food waste. Kuvings slow juicers and vacuum blenders make it possible to get the best out of every ingredient,  because they not only press fruits and vegetables and preserve the highest nutrient content, but also eject the pulp dry during juicing.

This pomace can be easily recycled in baking or cooking.   

Here https://kuvings.de/blogs/rezepte/tagged/trester-rezept you will find some recipe ideas for using pomace. For example, patties made from vegetable pomace, cakes made from fruit pomace and cookies made from nut pomace are excellent ways to use the pomace. Some customers also give the pomace to their animals such as chickens, dogs and many more.

This creates a #Zerowaste cycle and everyone involved benefits.


The cooperation with Rübenretter perfectly reflects our shared values. We firmly believe that we can have a positive impact on our environment through conscious actions and innovative solutions. Therefore, we also want to raise awareness of their mission and at the same time encourage our customers to choose sustainable products and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We would also like to take this opportunity to talk about an important issue that affects us all: food waste.

Rübenretter GmbH is a company that specializes in saving "imperfect" vegetables and fruit from being wasted. Their mission is to contribute to reducing food waste and preserving the diversity of natural cultivation through close cooperation with farmers and customers.


Too crooked, too slanted, too small, too twisted – there are many reasons why vegetables or fruit are sorted out during the harvest and therefore do not reach the market.

Crooked cucumbers, apples with blemishes on the skin or carrots with three legs are therefore usually sorted out.

Odd fruit and vegetables are just as tasty and healthy. Sometimes we ourselves don't really know why some things are thrown out. Often it's simply goods that don't correspond to the standard size or are simply surplus.

This waste results in up to 50% of a harvest being rejected due to visual defects alone and up to 30% of the world's arable land being used pointlessly.


Through their vegetable shops, they learned from suppliers how many of the "imperfect" crops were thrown away due to visual defects. From that point on, Rübenretter was determined to do something about it.

They also noticed how important this issue is to our customers. Fortunately, there has been a change in thinking in recent years, so that the majority of customers are very willing to use vegetables and fruit that do not meet the norm. This led to the Rübenretter project, which, in close cooperation with vegetable farmers and with your help, is making its contribution to sustainable consumption. Everyone can do something to stop the waste of delicious fruit and vegetables.

The philosophy of Rübenretter is to save misunderstood vegetables and fruit. Thanks to their work in the fruit and vegetable shop in Neumarkt, they have many years of experience with food.

They are in close contact with their farmers, who constantly inform them about what is not hanging perfectly on the plant and needs to be saved. Together with you, they can improve the farmers' harvest by up to 40%!

The aim of Rübenretter is to preserve vegetables in their diversity and natural growth. They want to combat the enormous amount of food waste and also give ingredients that don't fit perfectly into the standardized boxes a chance.

Together we can make a positive contribution to our environment and help ensure that fruit and vegetables are fully utilized.

Rübenretter GmbH & Kuvings Team, 16 April 2024