[ Les Numériques ] 5 star rating EVO820

[ Les Numériques ] 5-Sterne Bewertung EVO820

The Kuvings EVO820, tested by Les Numériques, received a perfect 5-star rating from a French high-tech e-magazine and was praised as a worry-free juicer.

According to Les Numériques, the main advantage of the above product is the easy cleaning system, he was very impressed that with the additional sieve set provided, sorbet and smoothies can also be prepared.

The product is a bit heavy, but it is stable and of excellent quality, and the juicing function is also nice and convenient. Additionally, unlike other juicers, whole fruits like apples and oranges can be put in, and the flavor of the extracted juice is high, suggesting that it's optimized for making nut milks like almond milk.

Text from: https://www.lesnumeriques.com/extracteur-de-jus/kuvings-evo820gm-p64577/test.html