With the gentle juicer from KUVINGS

Mit dem schonenden Entsafter von KUVINGS
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 1:29 p.m
With a Whole Slow Juicer, whole pieces of apple and other fruits can be gently juiced without first being reduced in size. One of the leading companies is NUC Electronics with its KUVINGS juicer. The high quality of the device and the tasteful result are confirmed by numerous customers from over 80 countries.

That's why fresh juices are so healthy

If you drink a glass of fresh juice every day, you are doing something good for your health. The top reasons why fresh juices are so healthy are presented below:

• Good and quick utilization by the body;

• little digestion work;

• fresh energy and well-being;

• no addition of artificial flavors, sugar or preservatives and colorings;

• high vitamin content compared to industrially produced, heat-treated juices;

• excellent taste experience;

• Juices can be customized to suit individual tastes;

• A variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, etc. can be processed.

Gentle juicing of the KUVINGS device from NUC Electronics

With the juicer from the KUVINGS brand by NUC Electronics, simple and gentle juicing is possible, which optimally supports human health. Thanks to the patented
82 mm hopper, some apples can be put into the juicer in one piece without being cut. This avoids the oxidation of the apple enzymes. With the juicer from NUC Electronics, significantly more vitamins, enzymes and fiber remain in the juices obtained than with classic centrifugal juicers.

The pulp left in the juicer is not only easy to compost, but can also be processed into a delicious energy bar in combination with nuts, for example.

On the subject

Other advantages of the KUVINGS juicer from NUC Electronics

In addition to the health aspect, the KUVINGS juicer also impresses with a number of other advantages. The design of the EVO820 juicer is already attractive, which is why it also won the "Design Award, Kitchen Innovation" at the "Red Dot AWARD".

In addition, the KUVINGS juicer can be expanded in many ways. Different extensions enable the production of ice cream, smoothies or orange juice.

The KUVINGS juicer can also convince with its easy handling and the special robustness. The 3D engine cooling ensures a high level of robustness, which means that the engine works stably in the long term.

When developing its products, the company places a special focus on protecting the environment.

The NUC Electronics company is based in Schwalbach am Taunus and has gained extensive experience over the course of its existence. The kitchen appliance manufacturer designs sustainable technical developments and works together with the Technical Institute, the Design Institute, the Biotechnology Institute and the Microorganism Resources Center.