Even celery can be easily juiced with a high-quality juicer

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Nothing invigorates the body as quickly and sustainably as the daily boost of vitamins from a fresh glass of fruit or vegetable juice. Anyone who used to think that these delicious all-rounders required a lot of work should take a look at the new juicers from Kuvings - they throw in whole fruits and even celery can be easily juiced.

Vitamin kick for body and soul

While life has recently been severely curtailed due to the pandemic, many people have developed a completely new mindset: towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, away from fast, hasty consumption. Not so long ago, food bloggers were considered strange freaks, but today many people focus on healthy nutrition, fresh food and home-cooked food.

Especially in difficult times, in the dark, dreary months, when body and mind would like to go into hibernation, this new, fresh attitude to life not only helps you to be more vital and resilient, but also to be in a better mood and more productive.

Even celery is easy to juice

If you are wondering how a healthy diet made up of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables should fit into a packed working day - after all, hardly anyone has their desk right next to the stove even when working from home - you should get an efficient juicer. As many influencers are right: vitamin power fresh from the juicer is not only prepared in a flash, but also gives the body everything it needs for a demanding day within a very short time. And the self-served drinks taste so good that for many, daily juicing has become an important ritual in the daily routine and trendy drinks such as celery juice have long been established on the menu.

In order to be able to enjoy a device for a long time and also to be able to juice hard vegetables such as celery without any problems, the focus should be on quality. The advantage of a slow cold juicer like the Kuvings Slow Juicer is not only the professional processing, but also the nutrient-rich juicing, which is achieved by a low speed. In this way, all the important nutrients and dietary fiber are retained, as are the vitamins, enzymes and minerals. As a special highlight, the patented, o-shaped flip gate ensures that enzymes in apples, papayas and pineapples do not oxidize and the fruit does not turn brown.

Kuving's Whole Slow Juicer - practical in every way

So whether it's a quick boost for the immune system or a regular detox cure, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are not only pure vitamin bombs, they also taste delicious. And so that daily juicing is really easy and lightning fast, the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer simply throws in whole pieces of apple without crushing them first. So it's no wonder that Kuvings juicers are considered the best devices on the European market.

Kuvings juicers are not only powerful, but also look chic thanks to their attractive design, which has already won several awards, making them an eye-catcher in every kitchen.