For a better life with Kuvings

For a better life with Kuvings

In addition to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, Kuvings has participated in the hospitality trade fair HORECA 2022 in Greece, SIGEP in Italy, Tokyo Health Fair for Hospitality, Food Service & Catering HCJ 2022 in Japan and in 2022 alone participated in the Inspired Home Show (IHS) 2022 in Chicago, USA to showcase itself as a global healthcare home appliance brand. 

*Photo: 2022 SIGEP in Italy

Kuvings recently attended CES 2022, held in Las Vegas from February 5th to 7th, to showcase its high quality juicers for the hospitality industry. CES in the United States is the world's largest information technology (IT) and home appliance trade show , which brought together more than 2,100 global companies despite the COVID-19 pandemic.As social distancing measures, the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the spread of the omicron variant ramped up around the world in recent months, Kuvings suggested juicing as a possibility to boost immunity.

*Photo: 2022 CES in the US

The commercial juicer presented by Kuvings has an 88mm wide feed opening that allows the ingredients to be juiced without cutting them first. It is also equipped with an industrial motor that can run 24 hours continuously, making it optimized for use in cafes, juice bars and restaurants with high customer traffic. The company also exports household appliances such as vacuum blenders and fermenters to 80 countries and is well received by both domestic and overseas buyers.

Kuvings also participated in the Inspired Home Show (IHS) 2022, which took place from March 5th to 7th at McCormick Place in Chicago, USA. IHS is a global exhibition, which this year involved around 2,200 companies from 47 countries and showcased a variety of kitchen appliances, including consumer electronics. Kuvings also presented its products here.

*Photo: 2022 HORECA in Greece

Consumers, weary of the protracted pandemic, are craving healthier diets that can boost the immune system. Kuvings is valued by its customers worldwide as it offers home health appliances such as juicers, vacuum blenders and fermenters that minimize the destruction of nutrients, proving to be the perfect companions for a healthy lifestyle.

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