[ Taste of Home ] The best slow juicer - Kuvings Hands-Free Slow Juicer Auto10

[ Taste of Home ]  Der beste Slow Juicer - Kuvings Hands-Free Slow Juicer  Auto10

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Taste of Home's prep kitchen manager tested and reviewed eight appliances to find the best masticating juicer for fruits and vegetables. Here's what came out.

The best slow juicer
Kuvings Hands-Free Slow Juicer Auto10

It may be touchless, but you won't be able to keep your hands off our top pick for the best juicer. Not only was the Kuvings Hands-Free Auto10 a top performer with all the products tested, but it also worked faster and quieter than all the other models - and left nothing behind.

The Kuvings Hands-Free Auto10 features a 3000ml capacity hopper (one of the largest on the market) that automatically chops and feeds your ingredients into the juicer. No prep work or hand-holding required. Just load, turn on and walk away.

The Kuvings also comes with a 1000ml juice container (the largest of all the models tested), making this the best slow juicer for large families, meal prep, or just anyone who wants to quickly make large quantities of juice at home. This all-in-one machine also makes smoothies, nut milks, and fruit sorbets. (The multi-function filters are only available in the premium set. Otherwise, they are exclusive.)

Although the Kuvings Auto10 isn't cheap, if you're juicing regularly, this machine is worth the investment. Plus, it's covered by an impressive 10-year warranty.

Overall Ratings

  • Automatically feed ingredients into the juicer; little or no preparation required
  • Largest feed chute of all models tested; can hold a bowl full of whole fruits and vegetables
  • Clean extraction of fresh juice without waste
  • Fast and quiet operation
  • Easy cleaning with patented cleaning brushes and sieve tool
  • 10-year warranty

Regarding the article

Taste of Home: https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/best-masticating-juicers/

Catherine Ward 12 April 2022

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