Why a Slow Juicer is considered the best juicer

Warum ein Slow Juicer als optimaler Entsafter gilt


A modern quality of life starts with nutrition - a slow juicer offers the right vitamin boost for every taste.

Fit through the day and all seasons
Health, well-being and an active lifestyle depend to a large extent on a healthy diet. Fruit and vegetables play a key role in ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. With a Slow Juicer, it is possible to ensure this optimal supply in a tasty, versatile and, last but not least, efficient way thanks to a gentle process. The KUVINGS EVO Signature juicer is a good example of this.

What makes a slow juicer better than other juicers
In principle, it is of course always better to prepare any food as freshly as possible and to use methods that are as gentle as possible. This is especially true for juices, because industrially processed juices usually contain too much sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives and colorings. In addition, the entire industrial processing process destroys many healthy ingredients. Even with juices that have not been specially heat-treated, the heat generated during processing also causes a loss of quality.

The solution and the guarantee for really fresh juices and smoothies is a slow juicer. During this slow juicing process, no heat is generated and the nutrients contained are not destroyed. In addition, whole apples can be processed, other types of fruit and vegetables need to be chopped less - oxidation, as occurs with apples turning brown on the cut surfaces, can hardly affect the taste and appearance of the juice.

At any time of the year, you can simply use the appropriate types of fruit and vegetables to make the most delicious juices or smoothies yourself. A sustainable supply of high-quality nutrients can improve health and well-being. A strong immune system is more important than ever, not only in autumn and winter. Another important tip is that the remaining pulp can either be composted and thus returned to the natural cycle or used with other appropriate ingredients for delicious homemade muesli bars.

Design in the kitchen and vitality for the body
As a high-quality slow juicer, the cold-press juicer KUVINGS EVO Signature not only offers many functions such as a patented filling funnel and 3D motor cooling as well as optional accessories for other delicious products, it also visually contributes to well-being in the kitchen. With its appealing design, it won the Red Dot AWARD design award in the Kitchen Innovation category. Other qualities of the innovative kitchen appliance include the new leather feel of the housing, child-safe operation and a Tritan container that is free of environmental hormones such as bisphenol A.

Despite its slowness, a slow juicer is the faster solution when juicing - because fruit and vegetables do not have to be chopped up at all, or at least with much less effort.