ACE juice


ACE juice

The ACE juice is a real vitamin booster!

In order to get through the winter healthy, you need vitamins.
ACE juice provides important antioxidants to protect cells and boost the immune system. Vitamin C binds free radicals and can prevent colds. Vitamin A is ideally absorbed by the body in combination with some fat.
The weather is slowly getting colder and it is becoming more important to strengthen the immune system. You can replace your beloved summer fruit with fruit juices that have a similar amount of vitamins.

ace juice

Ingredients for 1 very large juice or 2 medium ones:
- 2 apples
- 3 carrots
- 1 orange
- Some rapeseed oil or 2 vitamin E drops

Wash all ingredients and press into juice in the slow juicer.
Add some oil to the finished juice!

Photo and recipe @christine_goldenemitte