Antioxidant Winter Juice

Antioxidant Winter Juice

Antioxidant Winter Juice

Who wants an Antioxidant Winter Juice?

Beetroot is a real super tuber! Beetroot contains many antioxidants, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and the plant substance betaine! The nitrate it contains has a vasodilating effect and thus promotes blood circulation. Thanks to the Kuvings juicer and cold pressing juicing, the nutrients are preserved!
The super tuber has so many benefits and when mixed it tastes really delicious. So give it a try, it's very easy to prepare

Ingredients for 1.2 liters of juice
2 tubers of beetroot
7 large carrots
4 apples
3 oranges

The amount varies of course - depending on how big or how fresh and juicy your ingredients are!

Slowly add all the ingredients one after the other into the Kuvings juicer and it will do the rest for you.

Photo and recipe @christine_goldenemitte

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