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Europas besten Slow Juicer kaufen

With conventional devices, valuable vitamins and fiber are often lost during the juicing process, and a lot of preparatory work is also required. That's why more and more people are buying the slow juicer from the Kuvings series: thanks to the innovative, patented technology, the device even takes whole apples - and its long lifespan also protects the environment. Where can those interested buy a slow juicer?

Buy Europe's best slow juicer and save a lot of time

Slow Juicer kaufen
Kuving's B7200

The name says it all: The Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer EVO Signature can actually be described as the evolution of the conventional juicer. The model from NUC Electronics is considered one of the best juicers on the European market and, as a whole slow juicer, is the ideal device for home use. A special rolling technology with 50 revolutions per minute makes it possible for the fruit not to have to be chopped up before the juicing process - for example, by being able to throw a whole apple into the juicer in one go, you save valuable time that you can put to good use, especially in the morning if you want to start the day with a delicious, vitamin-rich juice. Customers from over 80 countries have already decided to buy the practical slow juicer.

Innovation in harmony with the environment

Slow Juicer kaufen
Kuvings B7200 Editorial

For over four decades, the company NUC Electronics has not only focused on bringing innovative kitchen appliances onto the market under the KUVINGS brand name that make the lives of their owners easier. It is equally important to the manufacturer that the development of its products occurs in harmony with the environment. To ensure this, the company includes a technical institute, a design institute and a bio-technology institute. Here we think technologically into the future and at the same time look for solutions to the question of how the production of progressive high-end kitchen machines can be implemented in the most resource-saving manner possible. A further building block for this is a years-long collaboration with the Traditional Microorganism Resources Center at Keimyung University in South Korea. More than 1,400 new technologies have already been developed and patented in this way, including a 3D engine cooling system, flip gates for safety at the entrance to the hopper and a two-stage safety system for the function of the engine.