Creamy homemade yogurt

Cremiger hausgemachter Joghurt
Creamy homemade yogurt
So now it's worked! All good things come in threes!
My homemade yogurt has finally set and tastes great too!
Two things I did differently this time:
1. I used soy milk, which otherwise contains no additives and no sugar. So it only consists of soy and water. You can find them in organic stores (as well as vegan yogurt cultures).
2. Set the yogurt maker to 14 hours instead of 8 hours.
1 liter soy milk
1 pack of vegan yogurt cultures
Mix soy milk with the yoghurt cultures (place in a sterile container) and place in the yoghurt maker at 42 degrees for 14 hours. Then put the yoghurt in a yoghurt strainer for another 6 hours and let it drain. Cool in the meantime!
Recipe from Instagram@veganwings_