Spring Vegetable Juice


Spring Vegetable Juice

One sip and the first spring fever comes.

Who would you like to share this sweet spring scent with?

The potassium in strawberries and the rutin in cherry tomatoes help lower blood pressure, which is why we particularly recommend them for people with high blood pressure.

When washing strawberries, make sure you only rinse them lightly under running water. If you soak them in water for more than 30 seconds, the vitamin C will dissolve in the water.

Strawberries are very sensitive to moisture, so it is best to store them in a paper box.

This is how we prepare for the end of winter and the beginning of spring!


- 100g strawberries
- 100g of oranges
- 80g Yellow peppers
- 100g cherry tomatoes
- 100ml milk

Recipe by Ph.D Lee, Principal Investigator at Kuvings Bio Research Institute