Grapefruit Margarita Mocktail


Grapefruit margarita mocktail

Who wants a grapefruit margarita mocktail?

Are you still looking for the perfect recipe for the weekend?
The search is now over because this recipe is a 10/10!
With your Kuvings juicer, preparation is very easy and the result exceeds all expectations. Feel free to try it out. 

-2 grapefruits
-1/2 pomelo
-1 lemon
-1/3 cup raspberries (thawed)
-fresh rosemary
-2 spoons of maple syrup (optional)

1, Juice all delicious fruits - grapefruits, pomelo, lemon, raspberries, rosemary and optionally add maple syrup.
2. Pour the juice into a glass and fill it with sparkling water.
3. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy.

Photo and recipe @mrs_kitchen_fairy