Cherry Banana Juice


KiBa! Heyyy, do you already know cherry banana juice?
The mixture of cherry and banana is considered a real classic and tastes great.
Give it a try! The preparation is very easy!

-3 bananas
-1 liter of water
-2-3 frozen packs of pitted sour cherries

1. First of all, defrost the cherries in a large bowl.
2. Puree the bananas with about 1 liter of water in the ⭐smoothie attachment.
3. Then stone the cherries and extract the juice in the slow juicer.

Tip from @veganwings_
If you like, you can also sweeten the cherry juice a little!
You then only need a glass full of ice cubes, first fill in the banana juice and then pour the cherry juice over it. Stir briefly with a straw and your wonderful drink is ready!

Photo and recipe by @veganwings_