Herb Lime Lemonade

Kräuter-Limetten Limo

Herb Lime Lemonade

Fresh herbs and juicy limes are processed into a refreshing and natural lemonade with the @kuvingsgermany Slow Juicer. Enjoy the pure taste in just a few seconds. Herb Lime Limo - the perfect choice for a summer treat.

- 1 pineapple, peeled and cut into chunks
- 1 cucumber, quartered lengthwise
- 1 large handful of mint
- 1/2 bunch of parsley
- 4 organic limes (with zest)

- Gradually add everything to the juicer. With the Kuvings REVO830, you don't have to snip much into small pieces thanks to the two openings and automatic cutting
- The lime can also be put in with the peel (just cut off the ends) and gives an intense aroma!
- Do not drink the juice immediately, but fill it in ice cube molds and freeze it.
- Take out ice cubes as you like and throw them in a glass of water. Depending on taste 2-5 pcs.

Photo and recipe by @plantpower.nutrition

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