Apple juice


Enjoy the freshness of nature in every sip! Apple juice with @kuvingsgermany is more than just a drink - it is a taste experience that captures the essence of apples in their purest form.

With our slow juicer process, we not only preserve the natural taste of the fruit, but also all the valuable nutrients that apples have to offer. The result? A delicious apple juice that invigorates and refreshes you with every sip.

- Apples

super easy to prepare
Remove the stems from the apples and place the whole apples into the Kuvings Slow Juicer.

Comment from Christine
Cold pressed juices are super healthy.
They provide you with valuable vitamins, secondary plant substances, organic minerals and bioavailable trace elements. In contrast to store-bought juices, they are not pasteurized and filtered - so all the vitamins are preserved!

Photo and recipe by @christine_goldenemitte