Liquid Sunshine Juice

Liquid Sunshine Juice

Who wants a Liquid Sunshine Juice?

The sun isn't shining outside yet, but with the Kuvings Juicer you can prepare a little sunshine liquid yourself.
As a very special ingredient for the special color: delicious yellow beets.

This juice is
• cold-pressed (so preserves all nutrients during juicing)
• vegetable-heavy (better than pure fruit juice and less sugary)
• perfect for waking up with lemon + ginger
• great during the cold season
• simply delicious

Ingredients for 2 glasses
2-3 yellow beets (peeled)
2 organic lemons with zest (very easy to use in the Kuvings juicer)
3 tangerines (peeled)
3 carrots
1 apple
Piece of ginger (about 5cm but depending on how spicy you like it)

Slowly add all the ingredients, one at a time, to the Kuvings Juicer and it will do the rest for you. For a higher juice yield, alternate soft and solid ingredients in the juicer

Photo and recipe @plantpower.nutrition

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