Sustainable juice enjoyment with the Slow Juicer from KUVINGS

Nachhaltiger Saftgenuss mit dem Slow Juicer von KUVINGS

Classic juicers have many shortcomings

Squeezing your own juice or smoothie from fresh fruit after waking up provides a special energy kick in the morning - a juicer makes it possible. But as practical as a classic centrifugal juicer may seem for home use, it also has numerous disadvantages. So it is quite time-consuming to first cut the fruit into small pieces before they can be turned into a delicious juice. In addition, valuable nutrients are lost during the juicing process.
The Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer EVO Signature compensates for these deficits - it is not for nothing that the device is considered one of the best juicers on the European market. This is mainly due to the new technology that makes the Whole Slow Juicer unique in its field. Customers from more than 80 countries are already benefiting from the advantages of the juicer from the Kuvings series.

The Slow Juicer from KUVINGS ensures delicious and healthy juice enjoyment

Thanks to the patented 82 millimeter filling funnel and a special rolling technique with 50 revolutions per minute, it is possible, for example, to put a whole apple in one piece into the device and thus save a lot of additional work. The fruit and vegetables are then processed with particular care and gentleness. In this way, far more vitamins, enzymes and fiber are retained than could be the case with conventional juicers. Juice or smoothie consumption is not only tasty, it is also very good for your health.

And there are other aspects that suggest that purchasing the innovative juicer from KUVINGS is worthwhile. The device is extremely easy to use - different types of fruit and vegetables can be combined with one another without any problems - and the motor works quietly, so that you won't be disturbed by annoying whirring noises at the breakfast table. In addition, the Slow Juicer also impresses with its attractive design, which has already won it several design awards, including the renowned Red Dot Award.

Sustainable also in production

In addition to technical innovation, increasing the quality of life is the top priority at NUC Electronics - this includes the environment as well as user satisfaction. While other devices often give up the ghost after a few years and have to be replaced by a new model, the Slow Juicer from KUVINGS due to its robustness and associated long service life.

But the manufacturer does not only pay attention to sustainability in the end product. NUC Electronics is also looking for solutions in development and production in order to work as resource-efficiently as possible - and has been doing so for more than four decades. In addition to a technical institute and a design institute, the company also has a biotechnology institute, and close cooperation with the Traditional Microorganism Resources Center at the University of Keimyung in South Korea ensures that the high-end food processors under are produced under the best conditions. Over 1,400 new technologies have already been developed and patented under the umbrella of NUC Electronics, including a 3D motor cooling system, flip gates for safety at the hopper entrance and a two-stage safety system that improves the function of the motor. So whether it's about your own health, environmental protection or just delicious juice enjoyment: With the juicer from KUVINGS you always make the right choice.