Christmas apple jam


Christmas apple jam
Fresh apple juice and homemade jam - all made with the Kuvings Slow Juicer!

The taste of these treats stands out from the commercially available products and they are also easy to prepare. Give your Christmas celebrations an extra fresh touch with homemade apple jam!

Christmas apple jam with kuvings

Ingredients for approx. 8 glasses
- 6 apples
- 1 packet of preserving sugar 2:1
- 1 lemon
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 6 cloves

1. Remove the stems from the apples.
2. Juice the apples. You need about 800 ml of juice.
3. Halve the lemon and squeeze it.
4. Add apple juice, sugar, lemon juice and Christmas spices (cinnamon sticks and cloves) to a pot and cook for 4 minutes.
5. Take out the spices and pour the still hot jam into the jars and keep it cold.

Photo and recipe by @larigeibfood