What are the benefits of cold pressed juice?

Welche Vorteile bietet kaltgepresster Saft?

Kuving's juicers press the ingredients at 50-60 revolutions per minute. This gentle method of juicing prevents loss of nutrients and, thanks to the gentle cold pressing, ensures that all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and secondary plant substances are preserved.

kuvings juicer

The juice does not oxidize, tastes better and has a longer shelf life (filled in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours).

Kuvings juicer
The juice contains the soluble fiber and by avoiding the insoluble fiber in the pulp and peel, the digestive tract can absorb a larger amount of nutrients at once.

Kuvings juicer
You can mix vegetables such as kale, beets, etc. into the juice that you don't actually eat that often. Mixed correctly, you can then enjoy these vegetables in a delicious juice!

Text by @plantpower.nutrition