Winter fruit punch


Winter fruit punch without alcohol

Who wants a delicious winter fruit punch?
This drink is healthy, delicious and, thanks to the cinnamon note, simply perfect for the start of winter. So feel free to try it out!

Ingredients For 2-3 glasses
3 apples
3 oranges
a handful of plums
red grapes
cinnamon sticks
Orange slices
Rosemary sprigs

1. Remove the peel from the oranges and halve and deseed the plums
2. First put the grapes, then the plum halves, oranges and finally the apples into the Handsfree Juicer and juice them
3. Pour the finished juice into glasses
4. Garnish with orange slices, cinnamon sticks and rosemary sprigs

Can be drunk cold or warm

📽 and recipe from @larigeibfood