Kuving's BMI analyzer
Kuving's BMI analyzer
Kuving's BMI analyzer
Kuving's BMI analyzer
Kuving's BMI analyzer
Kuving's BMI analyzer
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HealthFriend, mobile fitness for your body

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The Kuvings BMI Analyzer (HealthFriend) is a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Check your body mass index and get access to customized juice & smoothie recipes and workouts in minutes.

Hundreds of juice recipes in the app sorted by topic.

  • Most popular recipes
  • Recipes for losing weight
  • Detox recipes
  • Recipes with antioxidants
  • Recipes for healthy skin
  • Sports recipes
  • Energy boosting recipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jörg Nowack (DE)
Mein Ziel

Mit dem Slow Juicer, dem BMI Analysator und dem Käse Maker kann ich meinen gezielten Ernährungsplan perfekt umsetzen. Sie sind einzigartig in ihrer Qualität und machen einfach nur Spaß::)))

Vielen herzlichen Dank für das Feedback und die tollen Fotos! Was für ein perfektes Gesamtpaket :) Slow Juicer + BMI Analysator UND Käse Maker! Wir sind froh, dass unsere Produkte dich überzeugen konnten. Es gibt keine bessere Werbung als die Weiterempfehlung von Bekannten!

Wir wünschen dir weiterhin viel Freude auf deinem Health Journey :)

Liebe Grüße,
Kuvings Germany

Rainer Ballenberger (DE)
Ein cooles Gerät

Seit dem wir das Gerät besitzen, freue ich mich jeden Morgen auf meinen frischen Vitamindrink.

Dani Sally (DE)
Einfach Perfekt

Es macht sich bezahlt, wenn man sich auf einen Bereich konzentriert.
Das Gerät ist perfekt.

Aldona Gowik (DE)
Sehr gute!!

toll, Säfte, sehr einfach zu bedienen und zu waschen, ich bin sehr zufrieden

Olga Bangert (DE)

Würde immer wieder empfehlen!!! Klasse gerät !!!


Kuving's BMI analyzer

Easy measurement



Hold the top and bottom electrodes with the index finger and thumb of both hands. Measurements may fail with calluses or extreme dryness.



Extend both arms while using the BMI analyzer. For an accurate measurement, we recommend not moving or speaking during the measurement.



Keep your arms in a straight position until the measurement is complete. Then check your results.

BMI analyzer

How does this work?

The thin and light BMI analyzer checks 7 types of body composition.

- Body Mass Index (BMI)
- muscle mass (kg)
- body water (%)
- Mineral mass (%)
- Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR kcal)
- Body fat percentage (%)
- body fat (kg)

Super practical in hand format

Anytime, anywhere, ready to hand in the right hand format

With a slim design of approx. 1cm thickness and a light weight, it is particularly easy to carry, eg to the gym.

After a 10 second measurement

7 body compositions at a glance

Hold the 4 electrodes with both thumbs and forefingers.
10 seconds later you will receive the results for your 7 body compositions.

※ 7 types of body composition:
Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Moisture Content, Inorganic Mass, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolism

Systematic and continuous management

Thanks to link to the mobile app

The Kuvings BMI analyzer connects to the smartphone to display the results of the measurement.

Recording and management of the measurement results as well as analysis and continuous health management are possible.

Create motivation by setting goals and systematically controlling your fitness.

Timeless design

Slim and light

A sleek design wrapped in dark silver - You won't get tired of the analyzer even after long use.

Kuving's BMI analyzer

Mobile fitness for your body


The app shows you tailored workouts to help you stay fit.

Beauty & detox

Choose from different themes (diet, detox, beauty, antioxidants) for the right juice recipe.

Individual recipe

An individual prescription for your body composition according to the body analysis.

spare Parts

The contents of the package

from KBA-200

The contents of the package

from KBA-200

Warranty and Service Information

· We offer a 2-year warranty to customers who purchase Kuvings products directly from our website

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